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International Payments

  • Pay locally in country in over 25 currencies

  • Pay international in over 130 currencies

  • New currency capabilities added regularly

  • Faster Payments – be connected to the instant world with Faster Payments in the UK, in addition to all capabilities to release payments domestically

  • Low payment fees

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Open multiple currency accounts.

Manage and view your global transactions and multiple currencies from a single platform. Take control today.

Currency Accounts

  • Open currency accounts in multiple currencies and jurisdictions

  • Dedicated accounts are opened in the name of the client in 35 currencies

  • Domestic collections in Belgium (EUR), Australia (AUD), Austria (EUR), Canada (CAD), New Zealand (NZD), Czech Republic (CZK), Denmark (DKK), France (EUR), Germany (EUR), Greece (EUR),Hong Kong (HKD), Hungary (HUF), Italy (EUR), Ireland (EUR), Kenya (KES), Luxembourg (EUR), Netherlands (EUR), Norway (NOK), Poland (PLN), Portugal (EUR), Bulgaria (BGN), Romania (RON), Spain (EUR), Sweden (SEK), Switzerland (CHF), United Arab Emirates (AED), the UK (GBP) and the USA (USD), with Ebury Currency Accounts (in the client's name) available in those countries in bold. 

  • Collect and hold money in multiple accounts and currencies

  • Collect money locally without the need of multiple bank accounts or a local presence

  • See your currency balances and statements

  • View your account details for global collections

  • Accept payments in the currency your client prefers

  • Get paid like a local

Forex and Risk Management

  • Convert money across multiple currencies

  • Manage your FX risk

  • A range of FX and cash management solutions can be tailored to your company structure, risk appetite and goals

  • Forward exchange contracts – up to 5 years

  • Competitive exchange rates

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Manage your FX Risk.

Did you know that the majority of importers/exporters overlook the importance of managing their foreign exchange risk. This oversight cost companies dearly. 

BeztForex Global have a team of experts to assist you in a tailor made solution. One to fit your companies specific needs, budget and goals. 

Stay ahead, stay competitive. 

Trade Finance

  • Finance your payables and receivables

  • Pay your supplier in their currency and repay in yours

  • Repay up to 150 days later in your domestic currency

  • Reduce your cash flow Gap

  • No upfront hidden fees

  • Interest only when you use the trade finance line

  • Your goods are yours: No collateral required, which means there is no impact on any existing credit lines you have




Simply register online or offline. No set-up costs. No obligation to transact.


Your details will run through various security checks to ensure all parties safety.


You can now access a world of opportunities and start trading without borders.

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